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The Model 9DP Ion Chamber Survey Meter is a highly sensitive pressurised ion chamber meter. It doesn’t only provide a measurement of exposure, but also of exposure rate. The meter measures and displays data conform the ICRU (International Commission on Radiation Units) tissue equivalent.


Ambient dose equivalent, is the dose equivalent readout that would be measured at a tissue depth of 10 mm. To measure this, the device requires a special ion chamber to provide a conversion of the exposure rate.

This model can simultaneously display the rate, integrated value and highest rate seen by the instrument. If desired, the user can reset the integrated value.



This chamber survey meter has a nice 256K colour, bit-mapped display, which provides an optimised presentation of the data. The screen is also accompanied with icons that inform the user of the active functions and instrument status. The device can write all logged data in csv format.

When the device’s alarms go off, the display will flash colours and, if the user wants, it can also make an acknowledgeable sound.

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  • Provides ICRU-Based ambient dose measures
  • The colour display is also readable in sunlight
  • Auto zeroing and ranging
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Alarm function
  • USB Connectivity
  • Data logging
  • Chamber volume of 230 cc volume pressurised to 8 atmospheres (117 psi)
  • 4-button control
Person in lab coat holding the model 9DP from Ludlum
Model 9DP* overview
Model 9DP Control Panel Overview

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Datasheet Model 9 DP Ambient Dose Ion Chamber Survey Meter Ludlum

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