Model 404 – Precision Small Parts Grey Scale Phantoms – Sun Nuclear

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The 404GS LE precision Small Parts Grey Scale Phantom provides advanced technology for measuring image quality of small parts and intra-cavity ultrasound scanning systems.  The phantom also contains grey scale parts for additional measurement capability.

The 404 LE has the same general target layout and specifications as the 404GS LE but it does not include grey scale targets.

Both Sun Nuclear phantoms incorporate the latest Gammex Tissue Mimicking gel technology to provide a smoother background texture than what is provided by conventional tissue mimicking gels.

The convertible water dam permits easy changeover for its use or non-use.  It is included on both the 404GS LE and the 404 LE.

Precision Small Parts Grey Scale Phantoms features:

  • the phantom utilizes the unique Tissue Mimicking gel of Gammex
  • combination of anechoic cyst, grey scale and pin targets to permit a wide range of testing.
  • convertible water dam
  • measure to depths of up to 9 cm
  • varying sizes and depths of each type of target
  • resolution patterns and all vertical and horizontal targets are made of 0.1 mm nylon fibers
  • low scatter cysts of 1, 2, 4 and 7 mm diameters to better evaluate system noise and distortion

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Datasheet Precision Small Parts Grey Scale Phantoms - Gammex

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