Model 150K – Mammographic DCF Test Tool – Sun Nuclear

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Sun Nuclear’s (formerly Gammex) Model 150K Mammographic Density Control Function (DCF) test tool enables a quick and accurate assessment of a film-screen mammography unit’s Automatic Exposure Control (AEC).

Model 150K Mammographic DCF Test Tool features:

  • engraved density scale and sliding exposure plate
  • can slide exposure place without moving the cassette
  • the tool consists of a base plate with a sliding exposure plate which contains a small window
  • design permits sliding the exposure plate without moving the plate
  • light weight and convenient to use

Sun Nuclear Corporation was founded in 1984 as a provider of third-party repair and calibration service. Sun Nuclear has grown to become a respected leader in the design and manufacture of quality sys...


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Datasheet Mammographic DCF Test Tool – Gammex

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