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Direct Electronic X-Ray Ruler for Field and Fan-Beam Measurement

The QUART nonius is an easy-to-use and very sophisticated measuring instrument to verify the size and geometrical properties of X-ray fields. It can also be used to analyze characteristics of fanned X-ray beams as used in CT or dental panoramic X-rays (OPG).
The QUART nonius is incredibly flexible: it is suitable for digital as well as conventional X-ray modalities. In any case, its precision is an absolute strong point – as it achieves a resolution in the so-called nonius range of 0.1 mm.
The nonius software, to operate the device, is available as a single or multi-user on-premise installation.
Digitization in X-ray technology makes traditional screen films less available. Originally, they were used for checks on X-ray beam properties. Today, the QUART nonius performs the same task. And it provides even more substantial features.
The QUART nonius can be used to verify if the light visor matches the actual X-ray field. In addition, the nonius provides the option to assess the position and width as well as the dose profile of fanned X-ray beams. For that purpose, it features markings to line up the light field or positioning lasers.
Recent studies have proven that QUART nonius can also be used for field measurement in radiation therapy applications.*

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