Model L-435 HVL Filter Holder

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The new Ludlum L-435 HVL Filter Holder is designed to simplify the routine HVL measurement process. For years the method of attaching the HVL filters to the X-ray collimator involved using quantities of medical/surgical tape. While tape does the job, it also tends to destroy the thinner aluminum filters, particularly the high purity mammography filters.

The Model L-435 HVL Filter Holder eliminates the need to use tape to attach the HVL filters to the collimator housing.

The filter holder consists of a polycarbonate base 24.1 x 24.1 cm (9.5 x 9.5 in.). Permanently bonded to the center of the base plate is an acrylic pocket, open on one side and designed to hold a standard or high purity Al filter set. The polycarbonate material is easily cut with a standard utility knife or sheers to accommodate the two most common collimator track sizes in a given department. The base may also be attached with the hook-and-loop type fastener strips supplied for odd sized collimators. In either case, the filters themselves are protected from damage associated with the application and removal of heavy medical/surgical tape.

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